Change your life seek inspiration .



Change your life - Seek Inspiration

We all need a little inspiration sometime in our lives. Most of us have needed help and guidance to overcome a hurdle or reach a difficult decision.

Coaching can help.


DIPLOMA in Professional Coach - Mentoring - European Mentoring and Coaching Council Practitioner level Merit Grade

Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers.

Approaching Retirement ?



Struggling with Work / Life balance issues ?



Thinking of changing your job ?



Need help with a difficult decision ?


Lacking Motivation ?

At a crossroads in your life ?

Personal Goals not achieved ?

Want to transform your Dreams into Reality ?

Then Coaching is for you!!

Ray can help you to help yourself overcome the barriers that get in the way of you achieving whatever you want to achieve.

Ray believes passionately in the potential of the individual and that a coach can act as an impartial honest friend who will act with integrity and openness to allow you to release your potential in whatever you choose to do.


Ray's approach is in a non judgemental, impartial, empathetic, understanding  and personalised 1:1, where everyone is treated as an individual but the individual is special.


" Being aware is more important than being smart "